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Life at RRC as an Aboriginal student

October 29, 2014


Aboriginal students face unique mental health challenges. Historical issues such as colonization, and Aboriginal residential schools have negatively impacted Aboriginal culture and tradition. These impacts are continuing to be felt by younger generations, including many Aboriginal students at RRC.

Moving to a new community can also be scary and stressful and many Aboriginal students choose to move from their home communities to pursue their education at RRC. Relocating and adjusting to a new home and school environment can be difficult.

If you are an Aboriginal student, know that there are specific supports available to you. The Aboriginal Centre is a welcoming, friendly place at the Notre Dame Campus with a lounge area, computer lab and a team of staff who are happy to assist you. Room P210J at the Exchange District Campus also offers similar services and you can drop by there anytime.

Other areas of interest and support include RRC’s Traditional Teachers, Aboriginal Liaison/Advisors and Aboriginal Student Support & Community Relations including their Facebook Page.

You may also want to talk to someone about what you’re going through. RRC has free, confidential counsellors in Counselling and Accessibility Services. From help adjusting to a new community to support with mental health concerns or financial counselling, a counsellor can help you work through any problems that you have.

To book an appointment with a counsellor, complete and submit the online intake form. Someone contact you shortly to set up an appointment.