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Nutrition Month & World Water Day

March 24, 2014

63% of Canadians struggle with making healthier food choices in the grocery store at least half the time they shop; more than one third struggle at least 75% of the time according to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Dietitians of Canada in the Spring of 2012. [1]

Mar - 1National Nutrition Month is brought to you by the Dietitians of Canada every March. National Nutrition Month 2014 is designed to inspire Canadians to get back to cooking basics and to involve children and youth in food preparation. The campaign is ‘Simply Cook and Enjoy’ as there are concerns about the lack of home cooking and loss of cooking skills.


10 Steps to a Healthier You[2]

  1. Variety adds enjoyment – eat the foods you enjoy balanced with healthy choices and size-wise portions
  2. Fibre is filling – fuel up with high-fibre foods for your meals and snacks
  3. Surround yourself with healthy snacks – bring healthy “to-go” snacks for smart snacking wherever you are
  4. Add a dash of creativity – try a new recipe or experiment with spicesMar - 2
  5. One small step at a time – make one small change to eating habits this week
  6. Feed the need – if you feel your stomach grumbling, reach for a healthy snack
  7. Listen to your body cues – you may need other nourishment such as sleep, fresh air, cool water or change of pace
  8. The 20-minute message – it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full
  9. Health is a life-long experience – focus on long-term health, not a quick fix
  10. Fast food doesn’t have to be “fat” food – look for healthy alternatives

For additional details on Nutrition Month including eating tips and recipes, visit the ‘Simply Cook and Enjoy’ website at

Did you know that in Manitoba, we have a ‘Dial-a-Dietitian’ service?

If you are looking for free nutrition information for anyone, you can call to speak to a Registered Dietitian and get answers about food and nutrition.


Mar - 3

World Water Day

Worldwide, 13 billion people cannot access electricity, 768 million people lack access to improved water sources and 2.5 billion people have no improved sanitation. Water and energy have crucial impacts on poverty alleviation.[3]

World Water Day on March 22, 2014 is to bring awareness to the inter-linkages between water and energy and promote sustainable practices. Key Messages[4] include:

  1. Water requires energy and energy requires water.
  2. Supplies are limited and demand is increasing.
  3. Saving energy is saving water. Saving water is saving energy.
  4. The ‘bottom billion’ urgently needs access to both water and sanitation services, and electricity.
  5. Improving water and energy efficiency is imperative as are coordinated, coherent and concerted policies.

For more information on World Water Day, visit


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