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RRC Chili Cup 2014 – And the Contestants are ….

March 11, 2014

ChiliPhotoAre you looking to burn away those winter blues?  No worries, the fourth annual Chili Cup is set for March 13th at the Notre Dame Campus at the former Prairie Lights location on the mall level.

The event starts at noon – but come early as the event runs until the chili is all gone.

It costs $3 to come as a taster with all proceeds from the event going to the Students’ Association Food Bank.

And your contestants are:


Contestant Name: Tammy Kowerko

Team Name: Tammy Kowerko

Team Name: Tammy’s Totally Awesome Tequilla Chili

Team Name: This is an award winning tantalizing chili that will have you craving for more! “It’s that I just can’t get enough feeling!” Tammy’s chili is made with a hint of heat and a unique combination of spices and secret ingredients that would surprise you!  Give this chili a try — you will be so happy that you did!


Contestant Name: Shane Ray

Team Name: Ring of Fire

Team Name: Hurt

Team Name: a little of this, a little of that, some stuff we found at the back of the fridge.


Contestant Name: Leslie Ternowetsky, Lindsay Mullholland & Sue Hayduk

Team Name: Señoras Picantes

Team Name: Vegé Molé Olé!

Team Name: Vegan chili in a Mexican mole style.


Contestant Name: Counselling and Accessibility Services

Team Name: Bowls of Steel

Team Name: Spicy Beef Chili

Team Name: Meat lovers, get your chili bowls ready, you are going to love our spicy beef concoction.  And we hope you like it HOT! Fiery is the best way to describe the heat – it will sure to melt the winter away for good! But, if hot isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ll have toppings to help tone it down so all will enjoy 🙂


Contestant Name: Norlan Page

Team Name: Internal lnferno

Team Name: Kim Chi Li

Team Name: Korean-inspired chili


Contestant Name: Red River College Students’ Association

Team Name: SA’ll Good


Team Name: This hearty blend of fresh ingredients will stimulate your taste buds as it awakens your senses with sweet and spicy flavor.


Contestant Name: Cristina Gomes

Team Name: the Mamasitas

Team Name: Not Your Mama’s Chili

Team Name: If its in your fridge its in the chili.


Contestant Name: Mike Krywy

Team Name: Dr. Inferno and the Cosmos

Team Name: Alien Beans

Team Name: This cosmically inspired culinary creation will take you to a previously unexplored galaxy of taste, on a trip that will blow your mind and then fuse if back together in ways that have yet to be invented here on Earth.