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Monday Mash – Wellness Links – September 30

September 30, 2013


I love autumn, even if it does bring winter…. Here’s why:

    • Every church and community centre are having a fall supper, it would be a sin to miss such a gluttonous event – so find one here.
    • The colours…and the distinct smells that really can’t be described to any justice.
    • Summer clothes and shoes are going on clearance – check those flyers and go mall walking!
    • Curling is back! Maybe I’ll join a league instead of just yelling at my TV again this year. The Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials are in Winnipeg this year, we’ll see you at the Patch?
    • 3 shows. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Downton Abbey. This season I will even try to be more active while watching the tube.
    • Even Halloween brings a happy chill to my spine with all the spooky activities that can be had – like corn mazes and haunted houses!
    • The chore of raking leaves is always rewarded with the joy of jumping in the soft piles….even dogs love it!