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Get a Good Start-Be Prepared Be Immunized

September 4, 2013

inbound-marketing-for-college-admissions-officesIt is a busy time getting ready for either the first year or a returning year to school. One way to be prepared is to ensure every person has up-to-date immunizations. Schools are great places to spread or catch germs and infectious diseases. Protect yourself and others from vaccine preventable diseases.

The number one way to do this is to get immunized.

  • Tetanus/Diptheria/Whooping cough is only needed every 10 years.
  • You should have had 2 MMRs, (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) or have a blood test that indicates your immunity level is protective. If not immune you can get immunized with vaccine.The same for chickenpox.
  • The annual influenza shot is another way of keeping us from getting and spreading a potentially severe and at times deadly illness

We protect each other and our community by being immunized against all vaccine preventable diseases. There are other recommended vaccines against meningitis, human papilloma as well as pneumonia depending on age and medical condition.

Check the Manitoba Health Website for current recommendations and what vaccines are free. Once eligible you are always eligible. A number of vaccines, including Hepatitis B, are given through public school programs so check the school in your area to find out when this will be offered.

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