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Tick Talk- Lyme Disease Caution

August 2, 2013

blacklegged tickLyme Disease caution has been raised as a reminder for those going out for camping or hiking. The usual wood tick does not carry lyme disease, but blacklegged ticks do. Did you know Manitoba has a lyme disease tick program where, if you have a suspect (like in CSI) ,you can send it in a bottle to a lab? They have instructions and detailed pictures (rather gross, unless you are a bug person of course) about the ticks.

I have heard many ways people remove ticks, but it is recommended to use twizzers and gently pull them without twisting or crushing them. I am sure those with more experience can offer suggestions for what has worked to remove ticks. Some may work better on wood ticks but remember blacklegged ones may carry disease so be careful and do send it in. It helps track where they are. Currently they have been know to be in South Central Manitoba.

Be protected out there while enjoying the wonderful woods and camps of Manitoba. Download the  lyme disease fact sheet from the Government web site and take it with you. Check for ticks daily and carefully remove them. If you feel ill, consult your health provider.

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