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Monday Mash – Wellness Links – June 17

June 17, 2013

Boy blowing bubbles for bulldog

A recent milestone birthday got me thinking – how does one maintain youthfulness despite opposing forces? I’ve decided to adopt the philosophy of: “You don’t stop having fun when you get old; you get old when you stop having fun.” Children have mastered the art of “fun”, but how can we, as respectful adults, have some fun that’s also good for us? Three things come to mind when I think about a happy child: treats, pets, and unbridled silliness.

Treats. When we had faster metabolisms, we could eat anything we wanted. But we can still enjoy some treats in moderation. Some of them even have health benefits! The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate website will help you discover how this delicacy can do things like improve mood, reduce cholesterol, fight aging and soothe a cough (what?!). You can also enjoy recipes, read news, shop for deals and even play games!

Pets. There’s plenty of research attetsting to the fact that pets can improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being. My personal experience is a testimony that this is absolutely true! Discover the amazing interactions between animals and people and the ways animals truly do support our wellness. The slideshow, 27 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health, comes complete with some pretty adorable photos. Be prepared to say “Awwwww!” and watch your stress levels decrease!

Unbridled Silliness. For those who have always wanted to join an organized run but feel intimidated by a marathon or big fundraiser, this is for you! The Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Winnipeg, July 20-21! What greater motivation to keep running than knowing that every 5 minutes you’ll get plastered with another colour of paint! And the finish line looks even better with the threat of an all-out colour-bomb war with your teammates and competitors! By the end you’ll be one colourful, happy, healthy mess! It’s so simple – physical activity and personal fitness goals combined with pure unbridled silliness!

Have a FUN summer!