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Camp Time. Are your children immunized?

May 31, 2013

kids outdoorsSummer is fast approaching and with school soon over for children, camp time starts. Whether assisting in a camp or sending your child to a camp you should check if immunizations are up to date! Vaccine preventable diseases are more likely to occur in groups of susceptible children and adults. Illness and severe complications can and do occur from these preventable diseases.

If sending a child to camp:

  • Send a signed consent for them to be seen and treated by a health provider;
  • Provide your contact number in case you have to be called for any reason; and,
  • Send a copy of their immunization record along with any allergies and health instructions.

This helps them receive the attention they may need in as quick a manner as possible.

Camps are a special time for children and some may have health conditions or medications that make them more susceptiple to illness than the average child and they may not even be able to have certain protective vaccines. Feel good that your child is immunized for their protection so they can create an environment that helps others have a fun experience and be protected.

Check here for Manitoba Health information about vaccines and immunization schedules specific for various age groups.

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