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Now we’rrrr… seven!

May 28, 2013

Want to get into shape? Want to make a difference? How you approach the later may actually help you to achieve both.

As raising money for charity is becoming increasingly difficult, taking on extreme challenges for charity can both capture potential donors’ attention and drive your motivation to work out like never before. After all, those adrenaline fueled stunts and epic, unforgettable, adventures do demand a certain level of endurance and physical prowess, non?

What can better capture the imagination than a six day multi-terrain race across the great, stony Gobi desert in China? Or perhaps eleven days whitewater rafting down the Zambezi into the depths of Victoria Falls, wrestling with the biggest commercial white water rapids in the world?

How about Bowling for MS at the Dakota Bowling Centre, Saturday June 1 from 5 to 8 pm, when your Red River Rebel Riders (rrrr...) host their first extreme MS fundraising event of 2013? $20 ($10 for children 12 and under) will cover your bowling, shoes, pizza, pop, popcorn, and a donation. Bring friends and family for a fun, adrenaline fueled evening with your crack team. Call Marnie at 204-949-8521 for tickets.

And you don’t have to be a Mark Cavendish to join the team either. You too could be getting your legs into shape for cycling the 150 km Riding Mountain Challenge. Just check out our three latest members: Marnie Boulet (the driving force behind our bowling adventure), Mar-Zeuz Macasieb, and Miguel Guzman. All three work as Educational Assistants in the Accounting & Computer Education department at the Roblin Campus.


Marnie: “I am very excited to be riding with rrrr… I never thought in a million years that I would ever ride my bike for 150 kilometers. But this is a challenge that I know as an individual I can do to help those who cannot.  Four out of my six aunts and uncles on my father’s side have MS and I have seen what it does to them personally and what it does to the “family”.  My goal is to make enough money to help with the fight against MS.”


Miguel: I was born in Mexico, moved to Canada 13 years ago, and became a Canadian citizen five years ago. This will be my first MS Bike Tour. I like to create awareness about MS. I have biked for fun for many years, and bike to work every day. I am really excited about the Riding Mountain experience.


Zeus: “I moved from the Philippines six years ago and this will be my first MS Bike Tour. I did not know of MS until I heard it from my colleagues who ride to work. Joining the team will give me an opportunity to create awareness about MS, especially in the Filipino community who may be less educated about the disease. I am a rookie cyclist who started biking to work last summer. I find it challenging and exhausting (when riding against the wind) but mostly fun and enjoyable. I bike to work at least 3 times a week plus bikes with my daughter on the weekends. I look forward to riding with the team to Riding Mountain and raising funds for an important cause. Go Red River Rebel Riders!!!”

  • Join the 2013 team and train with us this spring and summer to get in shape for the big ride Sept. 7. Email for details or simply click here and then click on the Join this team button.
  • Donate securely online at All monies raised go to supporting those suffering with MS or to MS research.

Together we can end MS (and some of us might also get into the best physical shape we have ever been)!