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Not only children play in the dirt! Have you had your Tetanus?

May 28, 2013

gardeningAs the weather improves, we get inspired and anxious to work in the garden, get rid of the old left overs from the fall and start planting for the summer. It is important to realize that Tetanus lies in soil and dirt and is a toxin that can enter our system in even the smallest scrape. If unprotected it makes you very ill. Children get protection from tetanus with their childhood immunization programs. Did you know as an adult (young or old) we need a Tetanus booster every 10 years? That is not often, but very necessary to keep us protected from this toxin.

Here’s a short video on the importance of tetanus.

Just let your health provider or clinic know it has been 10 years since your last shot.

Whether for work, or play, be protected.

Be wise Immunize!

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