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Voluntary Benefits

April 29, 2013

StrataLogoThrough Red River College’s affiliation with STRATA Benefits Consulting, employees have access to a suite of voluntary products and services offered at discounted or preferred group rates.

Why does Red River College offer a voluntary benefit program?

We offer our employees a comprehensive benefits program and are committed to enhancing and aligning this program to meet the needs of our employees.

What does STRATA Select include?

STRATA Select includes the following voluntary options:

  • Pet Health Insurance
  • Preferred Vehicle Pricing
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Security Systems
  • Long Distance Calling
  • Mortgage Broker Services
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Medical Alert System
  • Group Home Insurance
  • Individual Health & Dental (For Retirees)
  • Hospital Cash
  • MyCare (Medical Access Plan)
  • Travel Insurance (includes Health and/or Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage)

MayoClinicWhat is MyCare? Is it new?

Time is of the essence when a serious illness strikes. Waiting on a list for a diagnosis or access to a specialist is particularly stressful. The process can be accelerated using the MyCare Health Benefit Option (HBO). MyCare HBO includes:

  • Initial diagnosis assistance
  • Medical second opinions
  • Complex or difficult diagnosis
  • Specialist assessments
  • Diagnostic scans

MyCare HBO members are eligible to purchase insurance covering on-site treatment with the MyCare Advantage Insurance upgrade. The upgrade, if purchased within 45 days of enrolment in MyCare HBO plan, includes:

  • Treatment at 1 of 3 Mayo Clinic facilities
  • No deductibles or co-payments
  • Pays related travel expenses
  • Medical exam not required
  • Premiums qualify for HAS and PHSP deductions

How do I access STRATA Select?

For more information and to access your discount codes and contact information, please visit Strata Benefits: Username: rrc    Password: voluntary