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Chocolate, Flavonoids, and Long Term Memory

April 29, 2013

DarkChocolateI don’t think I am alone in my secret passion for chocolate, yes I have a vice…or two.

A flavonoid found in cocoa beans could mean the difference between remembering and forgetting. I am therefore eating chocolate, drinking gallons of green tea, and I will continue to enjoy a glass of red wine (or two) to ensure that I am productive and useful to my employer. I do it all for you Red River College.  Read on – the science is very cool as they discovered this by letting snails soak in epi flavonoids and water.

Next time you reach for that second chocolate you can tell yourself “I am working on my memory”. This in not license to throw your wellness plan out the window, it just means you may not have to beat yourself up quite so bad when you do take that extra chocolate …or second glass of wine.

Some of the members of my meditation group attend a chocolate appreciation night once a year. I haven’t gone yet, but I am thinking next time it comes up I will, as I could use some help with my memory.