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Simply Gardening – Got Milk?

April 19, 2013


Sprouted Seeds

After 6 days of germination, the tomato seeds sprouted 2 “ and are now ready for a new home.  To create this home, look to your own home for creative inspiration & materials.  I learned long ago  that January is a great month to begin saving 2L milk cartons.  These cartons are great for seedlings & props to reusing items. I’m not sure what my dad used when our milk came in powdered form from Canada Post in brown paper bags.

DaynaMilk2Simple Materials:

The “Enough”

2 L milk cartons, Regular potting soil (lighter weight), Water, Sharpie

The “Lux”

Root Stimulator, Grow Lights



Seek the Light  & Rest at Night

Tomato seedlings thrive with light and darkness.  To create this environment:

  • Put them in a sunny window, or
  • Place an artificial light (fluorescent lights) 4-6 inches above the seedlings to encourage strong stems
  • 12-16 hours of light a day is ideal.  Don’t forget the darkness component.  Use timers to regulate

 Gardener’s Tip

Construct a hanging light system on chains where you can raise the lights as the plants grow so you retain the 4-6 inch space between plant and light source.

DaynaMilk4Other Uses

In anticipation of Earth Day, think of a third way to re-reuse your milk carton – like this DIY bird feeder that I found on “Inhabitots”.