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Embrace Your Pioneer – Raising Veggies from Seeds

April 8, 2013

This year’s seeding began on April 5th, 2013.   The lessons began in the 1940s in Lowe Farm, MB.  My Dad, Jack, learned the simple gardening lifestyle from his mom.  Jack carried this lifestyle to The Pas, where gardening was a part of our family’s spring to fall ritual.

Gather at this blog to get a glimpse into simply gardening.  The methods, tools, practices and tips are humble and very unpretentious and sometimes just plain amusing.  You’ll never look at a milk carton the same way again or throw out a pair of worn or torn panty-hose.

I’d love to hear your stories for simply gardening.  A wish would be to provide each other with things such as:  simple practice tips, a take-away (or rather give-away), a vegetarian recipe and a fun enhancement:  photo, song, ‘how to,’ upscaling or recycling tip or Wpg gardening connection.

Today’s Learning Moment on Starting Tomato Seeds

Starting seeds indoors allows one to explore the many distinctive varieties of tomatoes.  Start your seeds 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost. When will this be?  Many gardeners reference the moon for a planting date. They’ll plant just after the full moon on May 24th.  Here’s hoping our long winter accommodates this tried and true strategy.


DaynaTomatoStarting Seeds

Simple Materials:

The “Enough”

  • Margarine containers
  • Tomato Seeds
  • Water
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Pencil
  • Vermiculite

 The “Lux”

  • Root Starter

Collect the above materials & visit this site next week for “the how” on starting tomato seeds

Gardener’s Experiment:  I bought 3 different brands of seeds to see quality in cost.  It’s not a very scientific study as each brand has a different type of tomato, hence different fruit outcomes.