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Take time for a virtual vacation

April 5, 2013

Over the past several weeks, I have been hearing tall tales about all the great vacation getaways that people have planned, are about to leave for, or are coming back from. Vacations seem magical, and a great way to de-stress, kick back and recharge and fill the wellness well.

After such a long and hard Winnipeg winter, I certainly long for the sound of the waves, sitting in my lounge chair, and taking in my favorite book. Regrettably though, a vacation was not in the cards this spring… so I lament a bit not having a sunny destination to escape to.

If you are like me and are not jet setting off to a sunshine destination, look up some of your favorite places and take your own virtual vacation. Check out a place you’ve always wanted to go – check out the most expensive of resorts in the most exotic of places – and then take a minute to melt away into paradise.

My most recent “virtual vacation” was yesterday, when I was in Maui. I have been lucky enough to have been there several times – and it truely is like living in a post card. Some of my favorite things are driving the awe inspiring road to Hana, visiting the historical Iao Valley, walking in the clouds in Haleakala National Park, strolling along Makena Beach and snorkeling and listening to Humpback Whales off the shores of Wailea.

So sit back, kick your shoes off and travel with me to Maui, Hawaii’s most beautiful island; home of 1000 beaches and waterfalls and where the air always carries the scent of flowers.