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Reflections from the Farm

January 15, 2013

combine2 2012

While summer may seem a distant memory at the moment, Brenda Lesiuk (Accounts Payable, Lead Clerk) took some time to send along some photos that she took at her parents’ (aged 79 and 84) home in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.   Brenda notes that her favorite pastime is sitting on a bench, talking to her parents and looking at the huge yard of flowers, shrubs and trees. Clearly it’s a beautiful place, with lots for the eyes to take in.

According to Brenda, her parents are fantastic gardeners, who obviously have a love for lillies (who doesn’t though). Her parents yard was part of a garden tour a few years ago.

farm lilies

Brenda had fun trying to take the picture of the monarch butterfly, as it flew around a lot from lily to lily. This photo was posted on July 2012.