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Chili Cup – Team Profiles

November 13, 2012

It’s that time again. The third annual Chili Cup is today (November 14th) at noon in the Selkirk Lounge (NDC Campus).

There are nine competitors vying for this year’s prize in the Culinary Smack Down of the year.

  • Tammy Kowerko is back to defend her title, with Tammy’s Smack Down Chili with Attitude. Chef Tammy describes her chili as a sensational blend of color, flavor, & wholesome goodness. At its absolute best the hint of heat explosion will leave you craving for so much more.
  • Louise Cure and her Civil Engineering Technology colleagues are making Chile Auténtico in memory of their colleague Gary Giesbrecht who recently passed away. Gary participated in each of the previous Chili Cups, and is greatly missed by those who knew and worked with him.
  • Guy Dugas and his Applied Chili Education (ACE) team will be making the Chilitarian CapsheafA subtle occidental blend of oriental aromatic herbs, spices, and surprise sweet and savoury ingredients that will leave you exclaiming, “Is this legal?”
  • The RRC Students’ Association and their team SA’ll Good is back (with an attitude) serving up their Redneck Chili. Enjoy our legendary chili, filled with lean ground beef, finely chopped green sweet pepper, and hot sauce to kick it up a notch.
  • The Lifers are out on a day pass, serving up their chili Be’an Surprised a delectable sweet heat of chili awesomeness.
  • Big Bubba and the Chilitas are cooking up Big Bubba’s Chili which is guaranteed to cleanse the competition (as well as congested nasal passages)
  • Los Scorpiones is back with Bite of the ScorpionOur non-traditional looking chili is deceptively innocent in its appearance but with that first taste, you’ll feel like you are in a tropical paradise and feeling the bite of the scorpion!
  • Team Caliente is serving the deceptive BRS chili (???) – a blend of traditional hearty chili with the heat of India and Mexico infused.
  • And finally, the Mysterious Dr. Inferno is back again with his vegetarian Chili – Make Lava, Not War.  Peace out, and pass the beans.

There you have it – nine fantastic chilis for the low prices of $3 for a sample of each – all proceeds from the event go to the Students’ Association Food Bank – just in time for the holidays! The room gets packed in a hurry – so come out a bit before noon to ensure you can participate.

And if Green Chili is your thing – bring your own “bowl and spoon” and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Prairie Lights! Think sustainability + Help us cut Waste!

The winning Chili will be served in the Voyageur Cafeteria the following week (21st), in an event we call a Chili Day in November.