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Just another grrrr…8 day

May 15, 2012

Bunn's Creek Trail

Bunn's Creek Trail

If you live in EK or Elmwood, you have to check this out!

The ride back home wasn’t quite as spectacular, but 5.3 km of my route through St. James was over the fully paved Silver Ave bike path that runs all the way from Ferry Rd. past the airport, the Assiniboine Golf Course, and the airbase to Sturgeon Road (and beyond, but that’s for another day).

Guy Dugas, team captain.

rrrr... Fearless Leader

rrrr… Profile: Guy Dugas

It crossed my mind that you avid Red River Rebel Riders (rrrr…) supporters (hi Mom) might like to learn a bit more about this year’s team members. We were six last year, and registered so far are Roxanne Hildebrandt, Mike Poitras, Wayne Ferguson, and me, Guy Dugas, the team captain. 15 of my 16 years at RRC have been with Accounting & Computer Education (at both NDC and EDC) with 1 year as Manager Learning Technologies in 2001. I have a sister-in-law with MS and I hope to personally raise $1,000 again (the team raises $3-6,000 each year). Michael Whalen (also expected to ride this year) and I are two of the original three rrrr…(the other was our first captain, Mark Walc). For all 9 years I have ridden the same old clunker of a hybrid bike that probably weighs as much as the rest of the team’s combined. But it is tough and certainly helps keep me in shape. I figure it now has about 25,000 km on it, my longest ride being a mid-life crisis run from Vancouver to Calgary when I turned 50 in 2002. All I  have had to replace are one chain, a set of brake pads and cables, and its rear gears once. It has also helped me support my eating habit.