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Hard rrrride nets sticky buns

April 12, 2012

We’re off! Guy and Wayne Ferguson  officially launched the 2012 rrrr… season March 31st with a 50 km training ride to the white horse in St. Francis-Xavier and back. Wayne, 73 years young, is rejoining the Red River Rebel Riders after a two-year break.

How’s this for motivation to get out there and exercise: his goal is to ride 3,000 km this season! And I had trouble keeping up with him already.

Wayne rides with one of those gizmos that measures just about everything (heart rate, speed, altitude, distance to the next latte) and it says he burned about 750 calories on this loop. So we didn’t feel too guilty stopping at the Road House Steak House on the way back thru Headingly for a couple of sticky cinnamon buns. We’ll be counting the kms, sticky buns, and flat tires between now and the MS Ride September 8th. Go to our team site to pledge or to join the team.

Note to self: Next time, remember my water bottle.

Submitted by Guy Dugas, Chair of Accounting and Computer Education


First sticky bun of the season.

White Horse Monument, Headingly

Road House Steak House, Headingly