Collision Repair and Refinishing

Study metal working and spray painting; learn to repair and restore damaged vehicles.

This program provides you with a basic working knowledge of all areas of metal working and spray painting. You will develop the skills and knowledge to repair damaged vehicles, including all phases of autobody repair and painting.

You will learn to weld and use trade tools and how to work with and shape sheet metal. You will also learn the techniques required to realign and straighten the bodies and frames of cars. The program also teaches proper methods of patching, finishing and preparing a panel for paint application.

You will learn how to perform the necessary repairs and replacements to restore vehicles to their pre-damaged condition, and to determine how much and what kind of work is needed for each vehicle.

Safety in the work environment is stressed.

Environmentally-friendly high-volume and low-pressure spray equipment is used, along with Low-V.O.C. refinishing products.

Prior to starting the program, you will be invited to attend a program overview information session, and to participate in a math and reading skills diagnostic testing session that will advise you of your program readiness.

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