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Proper Attribution

March 25, 2015

Free download icon from earlier post on where to find Copyright-free images still begs the question, “How does one give proper credit for public-domain (like the one on the left) or Creative Commons images culled from the Web?” The answer is largely dependent on the source. One unobtrusive way is to simply hyperlink the image to its source and include a download notice in its Title attrribute. What follows are a few simple guidelines and examples.
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Image Confusion – Where to Find Images That Don’t Infringe Copyright

March 24, 2015

"No Photos" sign

There is still much confusion since the passing of the most recent Copyright Modernization Act and a related Supreme Court ruling of 2012. RRC’s policies have been updated, and articles such as Michael Geist’s or Meera Nair’s give good analyses of how Canada has moved from a Fair Dealing to more of a Fair Use model. But note that Fair Dealing in Canada, even in education, “does not infringe copyright” only if the work or other subject-matter is not “commercially available”. Bottom line, you can’t just copy anything, even if it’s for educational purposes (see section 29.4[3]). Read More →