Academic Continuity Checklist

Academic Continuity Checklist

Set up a communication plan 

  • Coordinate with your department on a communication and academic continuity plan
  • Communicate with your students right away to let them know what they should do
  • Inform students how you will communicate with them and when

Training and consultation

Teaching and learning technologies


WebEx Meetings

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Set up an emergency package 

Ensure you have everything you need to work remotely:

  • Laptop and power cable
  • Headset with microphone for WebEx or screen/lecture recordings
  • Departmental/College communication plan
  • Departmental and College contact information
  • Textbooks
  • Digital/physical files
    • Store digital files in a place you’ll be able to find them (LEARN/OneDrive)
      • Digitize paper copies of course content including:
      • Lesson plans
      • Tests / Exams
      • Handouts