Why learn how to operate new equipment yourself when what you need is access to either a subject matter expert and or an expert operator on cutting edge equipment to complete an actual project you are working on? Learn how to utilize specialized equipment that will empower you and your organization to be more effective and efficient. The ‘TAC’ can leverage any/all capability within the Red River College domain – bringing the right equipment, research expertise (if required), the right instructor/trainer, the right operator and right-sized solution to bear and bring about the best results for you and your project.

There are five (5) primary locations/sites which are highly specialized to serve aerospace & manufacturing organizations (see list below).  Keep in mind, RRC can leverage facilities and equipment beyond this list as necessary (instrumentation & control labs, CAD labs, traditional MIG/TIG/ARC welding labs for example), but this list highlights the key facilities & equipment underpinning the ‘TAC’. The easiest way to determine the best approach, equipment or access is to contact us and we will link everything together for you. All you need to do is define your project, whether it be applied research, training, a technical service or otherwise, and we can help to shape a solution together for you.

Our Facilities

Not seeing what you were looking for? We tried our best to show a cross-section representation of our equipment and facilities, but it is by no means a complete list. Send us an email at tacinfo@rrc.ca and we will get back to you asap. You can also learn more about our partners and resources.