Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing

Facilities and Technology

Access more than $35M worth of capital assets.

The Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing (TACAM) connects you with cutting edge, highly specialized facilities, equipment and expertise — right at the heart of one of Canada’s major aviation, aerospace and manufacturing centres.

With TACAM, you have access to the following facilities: Smart Factory, Model Factory Machine Shop, Centre for Aerospace Technology & Training (CATT), Composites Model Factory, and Centre for Non-Destructive Inspection (CNDI). We also have flexible work options to come to you and make the service happen on your site or remotely.

Smart Factory

Located at the Red River College Polytechnic Notre Dame Campus in the Skilled Trades Technology Centre (STTC).

The Smart Factory is an applied research space, experiential learning facility, and technology demonstration site that showcases emerging technologies.

The facility allows RRC Polytech students to gain hands-on experience working with the latest tech in a factory setting, while providing Manitoba companies with access to state-of-the-art equipment, instructors, researchers and students.

Model Factory Machine Shop

Located at the Red River College Polytechnic Notre Dame Campus.

The Model Factory Machine Shop is the College’s centre for applied research and skills development in Computer Numeral Control (CNC) operations, Quality Analysis (QA) dimensional measurements, kanban or pull-based manufacturing systems, rapid-change tooling, and customized production.

Centre for Aerospace Technology & Training (CATT)

Co-located at StandardAero’s Plant 5 facility, and supporting aerospace and manufacturing organizations.

The Centre for Aerospace Technology & Training (CATT) provides students, faculty and aerospace and manufacturing organizations with access to advanced technologies and equipment you’ll find nowhere else.

Centre for Non-Destructive Inspection (CNDI)

Co-located across Red River College Polytechnic and at Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg.

The Centre for Non-Destructive Inspection (CNDI) is home to the only Laser UT System of its kind outside of Lockheed Martin in the United States.

Composites Model Factory

Located at the Red River College Polytechnic Stevenson Aviation & Aerospace Campus.

The Composites Model Factory replicates an aerospace composite manufacturing facility. Located at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and at Southport, Manitoba, we are at the heart of one of Canada’s major aviation and aerospace centres.

(We also have additional composites capabilities at our Notre Dame Campus)

Mobile Services and Remote Work

With our flexible work options, we can come to you or work remotely to ensure your project addresses your needs and finishes on time.

With our mobile services, we can take our experts and portable technology to your factory, analyzing and solving issues in loco.

We can also work remotely, ensuring effective communication from project start to results delivery.

When working remotely, we use several communication tools to ensure you’re aware of all steps of your project. To do that, we rely on: