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Finding Your Career At RRC

March 14, 2016

carpentryFor many people, the idea of figuring out a career path (or changing to a new one) can be an anxiety-ridden experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some resources you can access to make the time and effort you invest in research worthwhile. There is no right or wrong way, but using the first two resources prior to seeing someone in-person may prove beneficial:

Career Exploration Workbook

This workbook is a valuable tool that can take you through exercises designed to raise your self-awareness. Knowing more about the kind of person you are (interests, strengths, values) can aid you greatly as you research the many career possibilities that exist. Click here to access your copy of the workbook.

Career Cruising is a website designed to help you learn more about a wide range of careers. The College can provide you with an ID and password that unlocks an array of resources designed to aid your research into career possibilities. Click here to access a helpful guide to the website.

Academic Advising

An in-person meeting with an advisor can help you better understand College programs. If you have used any career exploration tools, it is more likely you can articulate a desired career path, and will have an appointment where the discussion is focused on one or a handful of programs. An advisor can help you take a comprehensive view of your readiness for college. Your academic qualifications, ability to pay tuition, and your network of personal supports are all issues that deserve careful examination prior to applying.

Academic Advising Contact Information:

Phone: 204-632-2327, toll-free 1-800-903-7707


Career Counselling

A one-time meeting with a career counsellor can be scheduled, but only after you have invested the time in utilizing the Career Exploration Handbook, and spent time on the Career Cruising website. An online intake form must be completed to initiate the process.

Do keep in mind that finding your new career is not a scientific process. Even with extensive research, your final decision might come down to trusting your instincts, i.e. what does your gut tell you? After all, you are the one who knows best what is right for you. But if you invest time and effort into the resources listed here, you will find that feelings of anxiety or doubt can be greatly reduced. We wish you all the best in your search.