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Tips When Applying to RRC’s Creative Arts Programs

September 9, 2015

EDC campusRed River College offers several Creative Arts programs, designed to support a wide range of industries in Manitoba. Three of these programs – Creative Communications (CC), Digital Media Design (DMD), and Graphic Design (GD) – are referred to as Special Selection programs. Beyond their academic requirements, applicants must demonstrate their suitability for each program through some combination of:
-portfolio (CC, DMD, GD)
-testing (CC)
-take-home assignment (CC)
-interview (CC, DMD GD)

If you are considering applying to any of these programs, the following tips may prove helpful:

Apply early. While the very latest you can apply to any of these programs is February 28th, you are advised to apply much sooner than that, ideally in the Fall. The advantage of an early application is it enables you to start the Special Selection process sooner. Early applicants to DMD and GD will have months to work on their portfolios, while deadline applicants will only have weeks.

Research the career. Learn as much as you can about the field you want to pursue. Research online, in libraries, and even contact potential employers to find out what the workday is really like. Doing this will prove valuable if you are offered an interview, as it is very likely you will be asked to state why you are interested in this career.

Practice, practice, practice. If you are applying for CC, try to develop a writing habit. Students in the program write every day, so you will need to develop this skill to handle the application process and the program itself. For DMD and GD, applicants should be honing their creativity through drawing, painting, or by creating sculpture or dioramas.

Follow directions carefully. Both DMD and GD require applicants to submit a portfolio assignment. The assignment provides very precise instructions on how to submit the portfolio. Be sure to read these carefully. A properly submitted portfolio does not guarantee admission, but it enables you to put the quality of your work at the forefront.

Be patient. The application process in all of these programs requires a lot of time. A Fall applicant will not receive an Offer of Admission until mid- to late-Spring.

If you any questions about applying to these or any other RRC programs, please contact us at 204-632-2327, or