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Tips When Applying To Health Science Programs

August 24, 2015

Health Care students

There are Health Science programs at Red River College with admission requirements you may find complicated upon first glance. In this blog post, we will offer some tips designed to help you navigate the admission process.

Read the admission requirements thoroughly, from top to bottom. Nursing, for example, has six steps in its admission process, but applicants should first focus on Steps 1 – 4 only in order to initiate an application. Steps 5 and 6 are completed at a later stage in the process.

Check which steps must be shown as complete at the time of application. Ultrasound, for example, requires the first seven steps of its admission process to be completed within 30 days of applying. This includes all academic pre-requisites. Most programs require only proof of enrolment at the time of application – Ultrasound is an exception to this rule.

Are your immunizations up to date? Applicants have thirty days from application to show proof of up-to-date immunizations. You are encouraged to consult your physician before applying to see if you have any outstanding immunizations. This is significant because some immunizations must be done in stages, taking up to seven months, a delay that would result in a cancelled application.

Human Anatomy and Physiology is a pre-requisite for most Health Science programs, and it is in high demand among hundreds of students intent on pursuing a career as a health care professional. While it is offered at numerous post-secondary schools, including RRC, it fills up very quickly every year. Be sure to register for this course at the first available opportunity.

If you have questions about these or any RRC programs, contact an Academic Advisor. Advisors can help you better understand what is required of you at the application stage, and beyond.