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Application Deadlines at RRC

March 12, 2013

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from students, parents, counsellors, etc. is “When is your application deadline at RRC?”

A key difference in applying to Red River College versus many other post-secondary institutions is that for most programs at RRC there is no such thing as an application deadline….

We accept students on a first qualified, first serve basis. This means that students need to apply early for many programs in order to get into the program they are interested in. How early can you apply you ask? For most programs, you can apply as early as the end of Grade 11. Once you have your final transcripts and have registered for all of the required Grade 12 courses (as listed under the admission requirements for the program you are applying for) you are eligible to apply. The benefit to doing this is that if you are applying to a program that has a waiting list, you will be placed on that list earlier and have less time, if any, to wait to start your program after high school.

Some exceptions to this rule are Creative Arts programs that have application deadlines due to the portfolio requirements, programs that are joint programs with one of the Universities that require you to apply directly to a university. Another exception would be programs like Medical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Radiologic Technology that require one to two years of post-secondary education as their pre-requisites which in that case will require that you follow the application process/meet the application deadlines of the institution you are starting with before applying to Red River College. In the case of those two programs, you do not apply to Red River College until the year that you are scheduled to complete those required courses (they must be completed before July 15 of the year that you are applying).

It is important to note that not all programs at Red River College have waiting lists but it is worth investigating areas of interest earlier than later to determine if your program of interest does have a waiting list.

To apply, visit and go through the comprehensive step by step instructions and you are on your way!