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Entrepreneurial Spirit at RRC

March 26, 2012

One of the greatest things about the Business Administration program is what is known as the EP project. This stands for Entrepreneurial Practicum. What better way to learn about business than to actually start one? And what better way to start a business than in the comfort of your own college? Whether going into business for yourself is your goal at the end of the day or not, students certainly come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to go into business from all angles. On Thursday, March 22, a trade show was held to exhibit the projects once they have been completed by the Business Administration programs second year students. The event is attended by business professionals, first year students and RRC staff and the students are judged on their projects. This years’ show had everything from an online pet community to eco-friendly diapers.

Taras Wasyliw is an instructor that helped facilitate the EP project this year. Taras explained one students experience in the program, “I heard a student speak about the project who had reservations about it from the beginning because she didn’t have any intention of actually becoming an entrepreneur. What she told me that she learned from the experience was that the project isn’t just for people who want to start their own businesses but it teaches you to be entrepreneurial, innovative and to take initiative whether it is through running your own business or working in someone else’s.” Wasyliw also explained that this practical component of the program helps students to develop the skills the employers are looking for.

The Business Administration Diploma program is an excellent foundation of education that you can transfer to any industry. Depending on the major that you choose in your second year, there are many credits that are transferrable directly to University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba’s business programs if a degree is what you are after. Not to mention that many of our students segway into the CGA program (Certified General Accountant) as well because of a number of transferable credits to that program.

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Jennifer Powell, Student Recruitment Officer