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The Grade 11 Advantage

September 12, 2011

If you are in grade 11, you are in a great position if you are thinking about applying to RRC. You still have time to consider the various options, come for a campus tour, meet with an academic advisor if necessary, look at the entrance requirements for the programs that you are interested in and be prepared to apply once you have finished grade 11.

Many students do not realize that you can apply for most programs at RRC once you have successfully completed grade 11 and can provide proof that you have registered for the required grade 12 courses for the program you are applying for. There are some exceptions to this however. There are some programs that require some university or college education prior to being accepted into them, and for those programs, you will need to meet the entrance requirements for the college or university that you need to start with. There are also some programs that require you to have some work experience in the field prior to applying but this is particularly important in certain fields.

However, the majority of RRC programs can be applied for at the end of Grade 11. The benefits in doing so are that you can often avoid waiting lists or if you are placed on a waiting list, you can at least be on the waiting list while you are completing grade 12.

If you are in grade 12, don’t feel like its too late for you…the year is still early. You can get started on figuring things out and make sure you are meeting the entrance requirements throughout the next school year.

Jennifer Powell,
Student Recruitment Officer