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Volunteering Provides Return On Investment

July 29, 2011

Interested in a particular field or profession but not sure if it’s for you? Why not volunteer for an organization related to your field? This is a great way to learn about the industry/profession before committing to pursuing a career in that field. Even if you determine that it is not your cup of tea, your time investment will only enhance your resume!

If you decide this is a field that you want to pursue, your volunteer work could put you ahead of the game. Volunteer work often translates into networking – meeting people in your future profession. If you play your cards right, these people may act as references for you or possibly be in a position to offer you employment some day!

Volunteering can also be a great way to enhance your credentials when applying for certain scholarships and bursaries.

Not sure where to Volunteer? Volunteer Manitoba ( is a great avenue to connect you with volunteer opportunities. You can also research organizations in your field of interest and talk to them directly about possible volunteer opportunities they might have available. Many organizations are happy to have a volunteer who can contribute to their organization.

Aside from the career benefits of being a volunteer, I personally have had some of the most amazing experiences in my life through volunteer work. These experiences have resulted in job offers, lifelong friendships, increased cultural awareness, many additional employment references and in general I’ve gained knowledge that has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. So get going and do some volunteer work! You’ll thank me later…

– Jennifer Powell, RRC Student Recruiter