Enabling our leaders to meet the current and future challenges is one of the key initiatives outlined in the current Strategic Plan. A Leadership Strategy for Red River College has been developed to guide the College and its leaders to achieving this initiative. The Leadership Strategy includes a Leadership Vision Statement, developed with input from over 100 College leaders:

“We lead through relationships that encourage and inspire us to learn, collaborate,
and innovate together.”

The Leadership Strategy also includes an RRC Leadership Competencies framework, which was developed in deep consultation with stakeholders across the College. These competencies, along with the Leadership Strategy, will be reviewed and potentially updated following the release of the 2016-2021 RRC Strategic Plan and Academic Plan.

Helping to guide the work of an updated leadership framework for RRC, the College formed a Steering Group for Leadership Development in Spring 2016. Members have been selected based on overall representation needs and gaps.

Current members include:

  • Nancy Wheatley – Dean, School, Construction, Engineering and Technology
  • Neil Cooke – Dean, Student Services & Planning
  • Randy Lock – Program Manager, Community Development
  • Cindy Boughen – Program Coordinator, Academic & Research
  • Kathy Kerr – Program Manager, Community Development
  • Ron Budowski – Instructor, Student Services & Planning
  • Bill Younger – Chair, Academic & Research
  • Debbie O’Donnell – Chair, Academic & Research
  • Michele Sykes – Instructor, Academic & Research
  • Tracy Brandt – Acting Director, Aboriginal Student Support & Community Relations
  • Sherrie Novak – Director, Staff Learning and Development
  • Jacqueline Wood – Human Resource Coordinator, Staff Learning and Development
  • Carrie Schaepe – Staff Learning and Development Specialist, Staff Learning and Development

Additional College representatives may be asked to attend meetings on a consultation basis.