Update: The Application process for 2017-18 cohort closed on September 18 2017. 

Applied Project Proposals will be accepted until December 12th.

ENVISION Leadership Program 2017-18 is a rewarding program designed for Red River College employees not in formal leadership roles who are interested in leadership exploration at RRC.

Staff who are not eligible include: Chairs, Program Managers, Deans/Directors, and any other employees who have direct reports (the ENABLE program is for you!) If you are unsure if you are eligible, don’t hesitate to speak with one of the ENVISION contacts below.

Looking for a quick reference guide? Check out the most frequently asked questions here: ENVISION FAQ SUMMER 2017


The ENVISION program goals are:

  1. Increase leadership competencies within the participant group
  2. Raise self-awareness, identify natural strengths and critically examine leadership styles
  3. Develop skills required for effective leadership and to apply learning through in-class, online and experience-based learning
  4. Hone skills and develop confidence through coaching and mentoring
  5. Build the breadth and depth of leadership competencies across the organization

Applications will be accepted for ENVISION until September 18, 2017. Here are the application documents you’ll need:

You may also want to familiarize yourself with the RRC Leadership Competencies, as well as the RRC Strategic Plan Summary 2016-21.

Thinking of applying? This page has everything to get you started.


The ENVISION program is a powerful investment of your time. In participating, you are committing to embracing the program’s three broad components over a year:

  1. Eight In-Class Required Modules (see dates and overview below)
  2. Recommended Electives (dates throughout program, content to be finalized)
  3. Team-Based Applied Project (dates and information below)
  • Required Modules are full day classroom sessions, with pre-and-post session activities and reflection work/assignments to help you apply and demonstrate your learning. Participants are expected to attend all modules. This means that a considerable amount of advance  planning is required with one’s Manager/Chair and team to ensure workload coverage in in place.
  • Recommended Electives will be offered on topics that further enhance leadership competencies.
  • The Applied Project runs throughout the second half of the program, involving small-group projects of significance to Red River College, selected from proposals developed by members of the RRC community. The Applied Projects are designed to have impact while maintaining appropriate scope and deliverables for the timelines involved. Applied Project teams will be supported by a Project Mentor.

A final presentation of the Applied Projects will be delivered to college stakeholders (including cohort Managers) at an event that will mark the program’s completion.

ENVISION 2017-18 Content and Timeline Overview –

Note: Dates are tentative and subject to change.

Module Date Content
Module 1 November 7, 2017 Manager and Cohort Orientation
Applied Project Review & Selections To Be Announced Project topics will be generated via proposals from RRC community, including ENVISION participants themselves
Module 2 December 12, 2017 Emotional Intelligence
Module 3 January 23, 2018 Leadership Styles
Module 4 February 27, 2018 tentative date Project Management Basics
Module 5 April 10, 2018 RRC Leaders – Reflection & Application of Effective Leadership
Module 6 May 8, 2018 Leading Self and Teams Through Change
Module 7 June 12, 2018 Exploring Key RRC Management Functions
Module 8 October 9, 2018 Project Work and Preparation
Final Presentation and ENVISION Celebration November 13, 2018 Presentation of Applied Project Deliverables
Recommended Electives To Be Announced Content to be determined

ENVISION is guided by RRC’s Leadership Development Steering Group, consisting of formal leaders, former cohort member, and former cohort managers.

An evaluation framework has been developed and deployed to assess the impact of the pilot program. It will continue to be used to enhance future deliveries.

ENVISION Supports and Resources

the ENVISION Program has a number of built-in supports and resources to help foster a successful, challenging and rewarding experience for you at all stages. These supports include:

  • A Cohort Model – Participants experience ENVISION as a group from start to finish and attend all sessions together. Over time, this approach allows for deeper learning, meaningful working relationships and opportunities to stretch, fail, succeed, and grow in a safe and trusting environment.
  • A Learning Partner – Each ENVISION participant is paired with another participant for the length of the program as a means of peer support, informal feedback, and in some instances, submitting joint assignments. A learning partner can be a wonderful addition to the learning experience, offering unique skills and energies that can complement your own. They also can become a trusted confidante with whom you can hold one another accountable in a supportive manner.
  • A Project Mentor – Each Applied Project team will be assigned a Project Mentor. This person will be available to provide feedback and experienced perspective to the project that can help focus, clarify, re-direct, question and support your work efforts as a team.
  • Manager Support – Managers are a key ingredient to the success of ENVISION. Support from each manager maximizes the opportunities for participants to apply the learning that takes place in each session. Managers are encouraged to conduct periodic de-briefs with their participants to explore on-the-job training, job shadowing, mentoring, project leadership and other applied learning opportunities where appropriate.
  • Managers are also encouraged to offer ongoing feedback regarding observations of any strengthened or new knowledge, skills or abilities in the participant during or following the program, and to discuss the overall experience throughout the year.
  • Finally, Managers are asked to support participants in their scheduling and time requirements for the program. For example, in the cases of participants who are instructors, a joint approach by participant and supervisor to ensure that classes are covered so that the participant can attend all ENVISION classroom sessions will be needed.
  • All Managers attend the one-day orientation with their participants.
  • RRC Leadership Library and the RRC Library – Not only is the entire RRC library collection available to participants, the Staff Learning and Development department also offers a Leadership Library of over 200 current titles including biographies/memoirs, books on conflict, management, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication etc. to support the development of leadership competencies.
  • In addition, ENVISION will include readings using a range of media, including business articles, newspapers, podcasts, TED Talks, books and condensed book summaries.

How to Apply

The application process will involve the following steps:

  1. Know why you want to apply. ENVISION is for those interested in developing leadership skills and who have a goal towards a formal leadership role at the College. However, ENVISION is not a certificate program at this time and the program does not guarantee a future leadership position at RRC. It will however prepare you by providing information, tools and resources you can use toward your goal.
  2. Understand the focus of ENVISION. ENVISION is centered on personal and professional leadership growth and development, and is just one of several ways to develop your leadership competencies in a multi-faceted approach that can also include on-the-job training, mentor relationships, community/volunteer experience, project and committee work and other activities. It is important to reflect on your personal expectations for ENVISION and ensure that they are a match with the outcomes identified above.
  3. Speak with your supervisor to indicate your interest and get their feedback. Share this site with them. Your supervisor’s support is important in order to proceed. If you or your supervisor have questions or concerns at this stage, do not hesitate to contact Carrie Schaepe at the contact information below.
  4. Review and prepare a draft of your application package, which will include:
    • Application Form
    • Employee Development Plan – need help building a strong EDP? We will be offering 2 info sessions that will include tips for developing a great plan.
    • A completed Performance Review from past 2 years
    • Current Resume
    • Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor
    • A Leadership Statement from Applicant  (250 words or less)
  5. Watch the recorded version of the Info Session. (Please note that dates mentioned in the Info Session have been updated – see below.)
  6. Submit your Application Package to Carrie Schaepe via e-mail below. Applications will only be accepted electronically – no paper versions.
  7. Applications that are selected for an interview will be contacted to schedule a date and time to meet with an interview panel. At this stage, applicants will be asked to complete a pre-interview self-assessment and development inventory.
  8. Mark all dates listed above in your calendar as a placeholder. Schedules fill up quickly, and attendance at all sessions is essential so it’s not too early to reserve these dates.

Once your application is received, it will be pre-screened for basic criteria including completeness of application. All applicants who move forward will be contacted for a one-hour interview with two members of the Leadership Development Steering Group.

All applicants will be contacted with the outcome in writing.

Successful applicants will be given details to prepare for their first In-Class Module.

Want to share this information with others in hard copy? Click below to see a printable brochure for 8.5 x 14 legal size paper.


For more information:

ENVISON Lead Contact:

Carrie Schaepe, Staff Learning and Development Specialist, at cschaepe@rrc.ca or 204-632-2043

ENVISION Support Contact:

Jacqueline Wood, Staff Learning and Development Consultant, at jawood@rrc.ca or 204-632-2944.