ENGAGEENGAGE provides common needs training and development to all RRC staff across the employee lifecycle.

Driven by College strategy, in consultation with employees and leaders, ENGAGE sessions align with RRC’s Values of Learning, Respect, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Sustainability and Service to Community.

ENGAGE sessions are strongly encouraged for all employees, and some (such as Accessible Customer Service Training) are legislatively required.

You are encouraged to take advantage of ENGAGE – and to have ongoing conversations with your supervisor about your learning and development!

Calendar of 2018-19 ENGAGE Classroom Sessions

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Don’t forget to submit a signed Staff Development Form prior to each session!

Winter/Spring 2019

Date Training Days Title Campus Room Start Time End Time
Within 14 days of hire .25 Accessible Customer Service (required training) On-Line n/a n/a n/a
Any Monday start 30 x 15 mins (7.5 hrs) 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge On-Line n/a n/a n/a
March 1 Lunch and Learn: Supporting Students with ASD in the Classroom NDC ETV
Studio B
12:00 1:00
March 6 Mindfulness in the Workplace NDC ETV Studio B 12:00 1:00
March 12 Mindfulness Challenge: An Integrative Curriculum NDC ETV Studio B 12:00 1:00
March 13 .5 SafeTALK Suicide Alertness for Everyone NDC FM34 1:00 4:00
April 9 & 10 2 x .5 Verbal De-Escalation Skills NDC FM34 1:00 4:30
April 11 .5 The Working Mind – Employee Session* NDC FM34 12:30 4:30
May 14 & 15 2 x .5 Verbal De-Escalation Skills NDC FM34 12:30 4:30
May 22 .5 The Working Mind – Employee Session* NDC FM34 8:30 12:30
May 22 & 23 2 x .5 Verbal De-Escalation Skills Roblin Centre P312 12:30 4:30
May 31 .5 Pre-Retirement Info Session NDC ETV Studio 8:30 12:00
June 11 1 New Employee Orientation NDC ETV Studio 8:30 12:00

* Please note that ‘The Working Mind – Classroom Employee Session’ is available to employees once their managers have completed ‘The Working Mind – Manager Session’. Contact Taryn Presley for more info at tpresley@rrc.ca.

New for 2018-19! ENGAGE now includes unlimited, self-directed online learning from Lynda.com. Lynda complements (but does not replace) classroom sessions through thousands of videos and courses. Below are some playlists to help you move along Learning Paths that are important to you. Explore them further at rrc.ca/Lynda.

  • Understanding Self and Others Playlist– includes courses and videos on: Developing Self-Awareness, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Developing Empathy, Igniting Emotional Engagement, Being an Effective Team Member, Anger Management, and Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence.
  • Effective Communication Skills Playlist – includes courses and videos on: Conflict Resolution Foundations, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Improving Your Listening Skills, Public Speaking Foundations, Advanced Grammar, Negotiation Foundations, Organizational Communication, Presenting as a Team, Interpersonal Communication, Leading with Stories, and Establishing Credibility as a Speaker.
  • Office 365: Essential Training Playlist – includes courses and videos on: Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Enhancing Professionalism Playlist – includes courses and videos on: Time Management Fundamentals, Improving Your Focus, Ethics and Responsibility, Customer Service Foundations, Managing Your Manager, Dealing with a Difficult Boss, Building Business Relationships, Success Habits, Managing Customer Feedback, Leading Productive Meetings and Developing a Service Mindset, and Leading without Formal Authority.
  • Career Development Playlist – includes courses and videos on: What to do in the first 90 Days of your Job, Cultivating A Growth Mindset, Figuring Out Your Next Move, Having an Honest Career Conversation with Your Boss, Managing Your Career: Mid-Career/Early Career, Successful Goal Setting, Leading Yourself.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility Playlist – includes courses on: Enhancing Resilience, The Neuroscience of Learning, Creative Thinking, and Psychological Flexibility and Failing.