All Employees

Staff Learning and Development provides support to all employees in the professional growth of individuals and teams. This includes:

ENGAGE Employee Development Program – providing common needs training and development for all RRC staff across the employee lifecycle, including classroom and on-line learning options

Employee Educational Assistance (H10 Policy – Learning and Development) – offering partial tuition reimbursement for external degree programs. The policy also describes what learning opportunities are covered centrally or by your Dean/Director.

Tuition Fee Waivers – For classroom-based courses offered through RRC’s School of Continuing Education

Employee Development Plans (EDPs) – Every employee at RRC is encouraged to discuss their individual career growth aspirations with their supervisor, explore short and longer term development opportunities, and document those plans in an EDP. This helps guide both employee and supervisor, and becomes a touchstone for planning, self-reflection, and ongoing coaching and performance conversations. The EDP is also a required component of many applications including the ENVISION Leadership Exploration Program and the Employee Educational Assistance Program.

Change Management Tools – Red River College has adopted the Prosci Change Management methodology to support the success of projects involving change across the College. Click to find out more about how change practices are becoming integrated at RRC, and how you can incorporate change practices to help your project succeed.

Important Forms – Links to the Staff Development Form, the Travel Application Form for Conferences or Business, and the Expense Claim, along with FAQs about what form to use and when. Also includes links to setting up Direct Deposit for the Expense Claim, and information about how to book Travel.

Admin Professionals Program – RRC is pleased to offer both classroom-based and online learning and development that meets the needs of our Administrative Professionals, guided by the Administrative Assistant Steering Committee. Click to find out what is on the roster for this year.

In addition to the above, Managers are welcome to contact Staff Learning and Development to explore team training for their department in a variety of areas including team-building and strengthening, communication skills and more. After a consultation, we can provide recommendations that meet your outcomes, and we can either coordinate your training or make recommendations, depending on your needs. Where external facilitators are engaged, this cost rests with the department. Contact us for more information.