Before you begin this nomination, please ensure that you review the BRAVO Award nomination process for this award.


The Sustainability Leadership Award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding contributions and cooperative efforts of employees who advance environmental, social and/or economic sustainability in a meaningful and enduring way at Red River College.

This award recognizes an individual or a team that enhances the College’s culture of sustainability by contributing to research and education for sustainability, leading the way in everyday activities, and/or advancing sustainability in governance and operations of the college.


Name: Sustainability Leadership Award 2019
Nomination Period: Monday, November 19 to Friday, December 14, 2018
Award Frequency: Once annually

**Note: A team is defined as a group of RRC employees who belong to the same or different units or departments and who are assigned to a specific project or function together for a period of time to accomplish shared goals. If in question as to whether a group is considered a team, please contact SARC prior to completing your application.

Eligibility: Nominee(s) may be any employee(s) who have joined together formally or informally to advance campus sustainability.

Who Can Nominate: All employees may submit nominations for their RRC peers. Nominees may be full or part-time staff, and they may be in any employee group (administrative support, service support, professional/technical, faculty/instructors, management, contract/adjunct).

Award Value: The recipient(s) selected by the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee will receive: an engraved award, a $75 RED Card*, an invitation to a lunch/reception with an RRC leader, and acknowledgement in Staff News and other media throughout the college community. Recipients will also become the ‘face’ of the promotions for the next year’s award nominations.

*SARC reserves the right to distribute one $75 RED Card to a team to be shared among the recipients of this award.


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