The Staff Awards and Recognition Committee (SARC) is a cross-section of employees at the college whose role is to develop, administer and promote a range of College-wide awards and recognition initiatives for our fellow staff.

We are passionate about supporting and promoting a progressive culture of recognition for RRC employees!

To see what we do, check out our SARC Terms of Reference – Updated January 2016.

Click on the Employee Awards and Recognition area of this site (also found in the top toolbar) to find out more about the awards available to you as a College employee, including internal and external awards.

Our 2016-18 membership is:

# Name Area
1 Jacqueline Wood Staff Learning and Development (Co-Chair)
2 Debbie Sullivan Human Resources (Co-Chair)
3 Lisa Carriere Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations
4 Darlene Funk Student Awards and Financial Aid
5 Jason McMaster Environmental Health and Safety Services
6 Mary-Ann Shukla Regional Campus Manager
7 Taryn Friesen Assistant To Executive Director, Strategy & Communications
8 Debra Wutke Continuing and Distance Education
9 Margaret Riffell Contruction/Engineering Tech
10 Lindsay Storey-Iliffe Councilling and Accessibility
11 Laureen Janzen Councilling and Accessibility
12 Isabel Bright Life Sciences
13 Rhonda Klippenstein Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations
14 Curtis Aab Life Sciences
15 Christian Robin Marketing and Web Presence
16 Gail Walker Culinary and Hospitality
17 Lorna Smith Program and Curriculum Development
18 Beverly Wood Electrical Engineering Technology
19 Said Hassan Program and Curriculum Development
20 Serene Desmond Controller’s Office
21 Aynsley Kuntz Continuing and Distance Education
22 Michael Blahuta Food Services
23 Tanis McCallum Community and Student Services