Nomination Process

Prior to submitting a form, the nominator must:

  1. Contact the nominee via email to confirm permission to be nominated. Record of email response should be saved by the nominator for future reference. When contacting the nominee, find out if they are an RRC graduate (what year and program).
  2. Review the nomination application form to determine what information to collect.
  3. Review the RRC Values.
  4. Collect all needed information, including contact information of the nominee, as well as feedback from others – for example, you may want to speak with the nominee’s supervisor (if you are not the supervisor), as well as peers (current and former) to help you produce the most compelling nomination package possible. The selection committee takes into account the substance, depth and completeness of each nomination package.

Please note: Joint nominations are most welcome but only one nominator’s name will be officially attached to the submission. If that nominee is selected, SARC reserves the right to limit the number of nominators for that recipient to attend the luncheon reception.

When you are ready to complete the form, the nominator must:

  1. Complete the form in full, in one sitting. It cannot be saved as a draft and returned to later. If you wish to prepare a draft, we recommend that you create this in a Word document.

Upon completion of the form:

  1. The nominee(s), nominee’s supervisors up to the dean or director level, and nominator, will receive an e-mail confirming that a nomination package has been received.
  2. A sub-committee of SARC (the BRAVO Selection Committee) will meet to assess all eligible nominations and bring forward recommendations to SARC for approval.
  3. Nominees will be asked to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the selection and recognition process herein.
  4. Five of the BRAVO award titles have more than one award available as follows: Hidden Hero (up to four awards); Leadership and All Levels (up to two awards), Teaching Excellence (up to two awards), Safety Champion (up to two awards) and Research Excellence (up to two awards).
  5. Nomination forms may ask for information about the nominee‘s “category” (for example: individual or team; instructional staff, non-instructional staff, or mixed.) The subcommittee will endeavor to select a balance of recipients from each “category” for an award, but reserves the right to select recipients from any category.
  6. The sub-committee reserves the right to select no recipient in a specific category, in the event where submissions do not meet the criteria for award selection.
  7. The sub-committee reserves the right to select an additional recipient in a category beyond the number identified above, in the event that not all awards are distributed from the remaining categories. E.g. 5 Hidden Hero Awards and 1 Teaching Excellence Award may be disbursed in a given year, instead of 4 Hidden Hero Awards and 2 Teaching Excellence Awards.
  8. All nominees, nominators, supervisors and nominee’s dean or director (if not the supervisor) will be contacted regarding the final outcome of the nomination.
  9. A copy of the nomination package will be shared with the recipient.

*Human Resource Services reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the nomination.

If you required further information, please email SARC.