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Cheers for Peers Spotlight Opportunity – Shine a Light on a Job Well Done

December 6, 2019

A new RRC staff on-line recognition opportunity is set to launch at RRC. Cheers for Peers Spotlight is a chance to celebrate a colleague or team for an amazing act, or above-and-beyond work that takes place on campus each term by showcasing these efforts to our College community.

All employees may submit on-line nominations for their RRC peers.  There is a selected winning Cheer each term, first deadline for nominations is February 29, 2020.

Selection Process

  1. The Cheers for Peers committee will meet to discuss the nominations and decide on the winner.
  2. The committee will present a gift basket to the winner in person.
  3. The committee will arrange a time to take a picture of the winner, interview, and write a blog post.


The recipient(s) selected by the Cheers for Peers Spotlight selection committee will receive: A $50 RED Card, a gift basket, and be featured in an article on the Cheers For Peers blog.

In the event a team wins, they will receive a $100 RED Card to be shared between the team.

To nominate a deserving staff member and shine a light on their hard work, visit the on-line Spotlight form and cheer for your peer today!

Visit our Cheers for Peers info page or email the Cheers coordinator, Kristi if you have any questions.