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Thriller Thursdays in October

October 7, 2019

Thriller Thursdays – Find the Roaming Jack o’ Lantern Cheers Box

During this spooky fun Halloween month, look for the roaming Jack o’ Lantern (aka a decorated Cheers Box and Cheers volunteers) on Thriller Thursdays at the RRC Notre Dame Campus and Exchange District Campus.

For the month of October, on Thriller Thursdays only, place your Cheers for Peers cards in a specially decorated Cheers box (see roaming locations below). The Cheers team will make a special draw with those cards at the end of the month.

For other RRC campuses, all Cheers cards submitted on October’s Thriller Thursdays will also be included in a special month-end prize draw.

Find the roaming Jack o’ Lantern:


Oct 10 in FM71, 9-3pm

Oct 17 in the Selkirk Lounge 10 to 12pm

Oct 24 in the Library 9-3pm

Oct 31 in the Selkirk Lounge 10 to 12pm



Oct 10 in the Atrium from 11:30am to 12:30pm

Oct 17, 24 and 31 in the Atrium from 11:30am to 1:30 pm


Here’s a quick recap on how the program works:

  • Write a valid, specific Cheers Card
  • Put the yellow copy in the Cheers Box
  • Give the white copy to the person it’s written for
  • Feel good spreading kindness

Visit our Cheers for Peers info page or email Kristi at with comments and questions.