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Cheers For Peers – Staff Appreciation Day Winners

April 3, 2019


Congratulations to Mandy Robinson and Lisa Robinson! Lisa took the time to write a Cheers For Peers card and brightened Mandy’s day! Not only did she brighten Mandy’s day but they are both the lucky winners of a $25.00 RRC Campus Store gift card.

Congratulations again!!



Tips for writing a “valid” Cheers for Peers card:

In order to preserve the quality and integrity of the program, it’s important that cards meet some basic criteria. We call this writing a “valid card.”  The Staff Appreciation and Recognition Committee (SARC) has approved the following criteria:

  1. Date is legible
  2. Sender’s full name and department are complete and legible
  3. Receiver’s full name and department are complete and legible
  4. At least one College value is checked
  5. Accolade is legible and refers to a specific action or actions

Questions or feedback about the Cheers for Peers program? Send us an email and be entered in a draw for a $10 RED Card! We’ll respond to you. And, with your permission, your feedback and or questions may be highlighted in a Cheers for Peers All Staff News Submission! E-mail . Want to learn more about the Program?  Visit the Cheers for Peers information site.