Teaching Essentials

Resource Guides

RPL Resource Guides are developed by program faculty to communicate a consistent message about course learning expectations and assessment standards. RPL Services provides guidance and support to faculty as they develop RPL Resource Guides.

What is a RPL Resource Guide?

  • A well-developed RPL resource with key components that reflect quality RPL practices
  • Used by students, instructors, assessors, RPL Advisor(s) and others
  • Clearly identifies the expected learning, ways to prove learning and how the prior learning will be assessed
  • Consistent format, quality components and template used across the College
  • Includes a self-assessment component for the initial RPL process/advising stages
  • Useful for a variety of RPL program models
    • course
    • course cluster
    • program and
  • RPL Resource Guides are developed and used for both theory and practical courses in many RRC Polytech programs

Why is it important to develop RPL Resource Guides in RRC Polytech programs?

  • Key to planning, development and successful RPL implementation
  • Programs are “ready for RPL” with quality learner resources
  • Helps to ensure RRC Polytech RPL Policies and Procedures (A14) are followed and RPL practices implemented
  • Useful resource for students, RPL Advisor(s), instructors/assessors and other staff
  • Helps with RPL quality assurance practices and meeting the pan Canadian RPL Guiding Principles for Quality RPL Practice (CAPLA 2015)

What supports are provided for development and implementation of RPL Resource Guides in RRC Polytech programs?

  • Faculty and staff training in the development of RPL Resource Guides
  • RPL Resource Guide template and instructions
  • Support from RPL Services department includes:
    • Review of drafts and assistance with guide completion
    • Expertise/support on quality RPL assessment and practices as well as technical support
    • Resources on quality RPL practices (i.e. flexible assessment methods, rubrics etc.)
    • Sample RPL Resource Guides
    • Some funding is available from RPL Services for RPL Resource Guide development in programs

Guidelines for Developing RPL Resource Guides

RPL Services provides an introductory workshop to assist faculty in RPL Resource Guide development. This workshop, and the document below, can provide you with the necessary information to develop a quality RPL process. Important components (such as clear learning outcomes; a self-assessment tool based on the course/program learning outcomes; RPL assessment options; and criteria for assessing prior learning) are included. 

Please contact the RRC Polytech RPL Manager, Lauren Waples, at AQ-RPL@rrc.ca to set up a professional development workshop for faculty and for additional information related to funding and the development of RPL resources and assessment tools.

RPL Resource Guide Inventory and Sample Guides for College Courses

RPL Resource Guides have been developed for courses in many College programs. Please view the samples provided. For additional information and/or a template to assist in the development of a RPL Resource Guide, please contact the RPL Facilitator.