Teaching Essentials

Portfolio Development


The portfolio (evidence collection) is an RPL process that a student may use to demonstrate learning equivalent to course outcome expectations. The Portfolio Development Guide Student Information Package provides guidance and direction to students developing portfolios. The RPL Advisor works with students as they describe and document their relevant learning.

Professional or career portfolios outline an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities and provide the proof or documentation of these abilities. Professional portfolios may be electronic or paper based. Specific RRC Polytech programs include a course or a series of workshops to assist students to work through the portfolio development process and complete a professional portfolio prior to program graduation. This assists graduates to prepare for employment by identifying and proving the knowledge skills and abilities gained throughout the program. 

Integrating Professional Portfolio development at RRC Polytech

A few college programs include professional portfolio development workshops as part of the program curriculum. Workshops are integrated into specific courses such as Professional Development or Communications or are offered as a standalone course such as EDUA-1005 Portfolio Development or PDEV-2001 Portfolio Development online.

Some programs integrate professional portfolio development throughout the program and offer the first two workshops, related to an introduction to the portfolio process and portfolio documentation in the first term. Students are then able to collect and develop samples of documentation/evidence as they move through the program.

Workshops on organizing and using the portfolio are integrated into the final year of the program. Students graduate with professional portfolios/ePortfolios documenting and proving both employability as well as occupation specific skills. 

Who facilitates the Professional Portfolio workshops/course?

Professional Portfolio workshop(s) are facilitated by College instructors who have received training in professional portfolio development. The College’s Academic Quality & RPL department and the RPL Advisor provide guidance and resource support for the delivery of professional portfolio development workshops.

Which programs include Professional Portfolios?

RRC Polytech programs including Professional Portfolio development workshops or courses include: Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, and Educational Assistant. 

Is there a Portfolio Development Course?

PDEV-2001 Portfolio Development – Online offered through the School of Continuing Education is delivered online through LEARN and is available for any student who wishes to create a professional portfolio or ePortfolio. 

Can faculty/staff access Professional Portfolio training?

The PLAR-2002 Train The Trainer – Portfolio course is offered through Corporate Solutions.

College faculty/staff who are interested in accessing training to facilitate portfolio development may contact RPL Services.