Teaching Essentials

Pinning Video to the Stage

As a participant in a Webex meeting or event you are able to pin focus on a specific participant. This is useful when there is an interpreter or guest speaker in the session who along with the active speaker needs to always be visible.

To pin focus on a participant click the drop down menu over the participant’s video window (1), and then click ‘Move to stage’ (2). You can also click and drag the video panel to the stage. Repeat this process if you wish to pin multiple videos.

‘Move to stage’ will keep focus on that participant regardless of who the active speaker is. You may also find it valuable to adjust the ‘Layout’ settings to the ‘Stack’ or ‘Side by Side’ layout (1).

When the instructor is sharing an application or file, the pinned participant will share the stage with this document.

If you need to resize the pinned video click and drag the space between the presented content and the pinned video. This option is available only when connected via the Webex app.

If you would prefer the active speaker to also share the stage with the pinned participant when content is being shared, you can adjust the layout (1) and set it to ‘Show active speaker with shared content’ (2).

If you are the Host of the meeting and wish to have the participants see the same stage area as you have set up click ‘Layout’ (1) and ‘Sync my stage for everyone’ (2). Participants can still drag other videos to the stage to add to the synched stage.