Teaching Essentials

Breakout Sessions in Webex

Breakout Sessions in Webex allow you to create groups of participants enabling them to have private discussions, and share applications or their screen with each other.

  1. To enable Breakout Sessions click ‘Breakout’ from the top menu, and click ‘Enable Breakout Session’.
  1. Once enabled, you can access the Breakout session options either from the ‘Breakout’ dropdown, or the ‘Breakout sessions’ option on the main navigation bar.
  1. You will be prompted with the ‘Breakout session assignments’ options.
    1. Define the number or sessions you will have with the ‘Assign # participants into:’ option
    2. Decide if you wish to randomly add the participants to the sessions by leaving it set to ‘Automatically’, or ‘Manually’ add the participants to the sessions.
    3. Click ‘Create Assignments’
  1. You will be prompted with a second ‘Breakout session assignments’ screen.
  1. If you wish to change any of the assignments, hover over a participant and click ‘Move to’
  2. Your Host account will not automatically be added to a session, but you can select it and move it to a section of your choice.
  3. Advanced settings are available in the bottom left by clicking ‘Settings’. This includes options to limit the duration of the breakout session.
  4. When ready, click ‘Start breakout sessions’
  1. You can access the options for the session by either clicking the ‘Breakout sessions’ button on the navigation bar, or the ‘Breakout’ dropdown from the top menu.