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SMART Software

“Whiteboard” instructional videos visually demonstrate concepts, ideas, or processes. They are an effective way to teach students how to analyze problems or concepts, solve equations, and work through any process systematically. They replicate, with enhanced capabilities, what you can do on a whiteboard in a classroom.

The “overview” video below demonstrates some of the basic features of SMART Notebook and provides some tips for creating effective instructional videos.

The video below focuses on some tools and methods useful for teaching Math or other related topics.

At the end of this resource are links to additional tutorials and examples of instructional videos created with SMART Notebook.

Hardware and Software Required

  • SMART podium + laptop (provided by the CLPE)
  • USB headset and microphone (not provided by the CLPE)
    • Use a good quality headset (e.g. Logitech, or almost any gaming headset)
  • SMART Podium Notebook (software)
  • My Mediasite Desktop Recorder (software)

Planning Your Video

  • Determine what you want to show/demonstrate.
  • Determine how you will explain the concept and each step.
  • Determine the most effective visuals – real world (e.g. photos), representations (e.g. diagrams/schematics), and/or abstractions (e.g. flowcharts).
  • Collect or create images, graphics, and diagrams.
  • Create a script using the script sample

Preparing Your Presentation

  • Ensure the computer is connected to the SMART Podium with a USB and video cable.
  • Turn on the SMART Podium (button to the left of the screen).
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Launch SMART Podium Notebook.
  • Add pages and populate with titles, text and images as required.
  • Save your file to a USB stick, OneDrive, or desktop. The file will have a ‘.notebook’ extension.
  • Export the pages you’ve created as a PDF, PowerPoint, or images if you want to add them to LEARN.

Recording Your Video

  • Practice reading your script.
  • Practice reading your script and using the SMART Podium Notebook software at the same time.
  •  Launch My Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  • Begin recording the whiteboard screen.
  • Proceed through the video as scripted.
  • End the recording.
  • Save Smart Podium Notebook file in case you have to re-record or use it for another video.
  • Save and upload your video as per My Mediasite instructions.
  • Review your video for accuracy and clarity.
  • Re-record your video if necessary.

Additional Information

These resources are just a few useful tutorials for and examples of using SMART Notebook. If you have questions please contact learn@rrc.ca.

Video Guides

Math Video Examples