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Any technical issues with Mediasite, including streaming, recording, and the Desktop Recorder, can be submitted in Case Log.


Currently there is an increased demand placed on home internet and Wi-Fi connections. Please be mindful that uploading your recordings may be slow and take longer than usual. Consider recording your presentation in multiple or shorter chunks for easier upload and viewability for the students.

Uploading over a wired internet connection is the most reliable. For faster upload speed, make sure you or others in the house are not streaming content (i.e. Netflix) or using available bandwidth at the same time as uploading.

Slideshow + Audio is easiest to upload and generates a smaller file size

Screencast + Audio or Video is slower to upload and generates a much larger file sizes as it is recording the desktop as a video. Long presentations can climb up very high in file size

Upload Tips
  • In Mediasite Desktop Recorder, click on Settings. Under General Settings uncheck ‘Upload files while recording’.
  • You can now upload your presentation at a later time of the day when internet usage is not as busy. Click the Upload button beside your recorded presentation when you are ready to upload your recording.

Simple Solutions

Having trouble with the Desktop Recorder? Try these simple fixes:

  • Double check that you are connected to the internet. Wi-Fi drops often, which sometimes confuses the recorder.
  • Make sure you are still authenticated. Check to see if your name is still in the upper left hand of the recorder.
  • Try re-registering your account. Go to the Download site and click on Register.
  • Completely close and re-open the recorder. Right click on the Mediasite icon and choose Close Window. Clicking the X to exit in the program will only minimize the recorder.
  • Restart your computer. This fixes many bugs with the software. Make sure to save any work you have open first!

Mediasite Mosaic for macOS Catalina

Mediasite Desktop Recorder is unable to run on the macOS Catalina operating system as the OS does not support 32-bit applications. Mediasite has developed Mosaic for Catalina users.

Mosaic is not as fully featured as MDR, but does allow you to record video, audio, and screencasts.