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LinkedIn Learning FAQ

If you have any additional questions, please email linkedinlearning@rrc.ca.

Will Faculty lose any links in LEARN that are part of courses?

LinkedIn Learning provides the same great Lynda.com content, we anticipate very limited loss of courses or links you have saved.

During the initial transition phase, faculty should find that all previous links in LEARN to courses and videos should work. However, occasionally, faculty may notice that links in LEARN to specific Lynda.com videos take students to the overall course, rather than the video. If this happens, the link to the video will need to be updated. Faculty should check all links as part of their preparations for the fall as a standard practice.

Why should I connect my LinkedIn profile to my RRC Polytech LinkedIn Learning account?

Connecting your profile will allow for a more personalized learning experience that includes special course recommendations based on your job title, skills, and industry listed on your LinkedIn profile.

Am I required to connect my LinkedIn profile to my RRC Polytech LinkedIn Learning account?

No. Connecting your personal LinkedIn profile to RRC Polytech LinkedIn Learning account is optional. If you change your mind, you may separate your profile from RRC Polytech LinkedIn Learning account at a later time.

What information will be shared with my employer if I connect my personal LinkedIn profile to my RRC Polytech LinkedIn Learning account?

Learning activity such as courses viewed or completed, profile information like your name, work title, and profile photo and any courses from your personal account that you’ve transferred to your group account.

Your employer will not have access to your connections, private messages, any job search activity such as job posts you’ve viewed and any learning courses you’ve viewed in your personal account. Learn more about privacy here: Trust & Privacy FAQ

Am I required to have a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning?

No. LinkedIn profiles are not needed to access LinkedIn Learning. Staff and students are not required to have LinkedIn accounts, all course/instruction materials with LinkedIn Learning videos and courses must have options available for students who choose not to have a LinkedIn account/profile.

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn account?

You will receive an email with steps to activate your LinkedIn Learning account without a LinkedIn profile when the upgrade occurs. You do not need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning, but information is available from LinkedIn to guide you through the steps of creating one.

Can I add my LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion to my LinkedIn Learning profile?

Yes. You can add your certificates of completion to the certificate section of your LinkedIn profile to showcase your new skills.

What if I already have access to a LinkedIn Learning subscription outside of the RRC Polytech subscription?

If you already have an individual subscription on LinkedIn Learning, you can switch between this account and the RRC Polytech subscription, and manage how you choose to share your learning activities with your organization.