Teaching Essentials

Interactive Projectors

Using College interactive projectors


  • Connect a USB cable to both the USB “B” port of the projector and the laptop USB port.
  • Connect an HDMI or VGA cable from the laptop to the projector. Turn on the projector and ensure it is on the appropriate video input. 
  • Download, install, and run Epson Interactive Tools software 
    • Select Utilities and scroll down to Easy Interactive Tools V 5.00 +
  • Run Epson Easy Interactive Tools on your computer
  • On the projector screen, tap the lower right side of the image with the supplied pen or your finger. Select PC-Interactive mode, the icon showing a computer and mouse.
  • One of three interactive modes can now be selected from Epson interactive tool bar at bottom of screen. Tap on the Whiteboard icon.  
  • Drawn pages may be captured by tapping the Camera icon. These can be recalled later from the left side Page List

Interactive Modes

  1. Whiteboard mode provides a blank slate resembling a whiteboard to write, draw or mark up. Tap on a pen size and color and begin drawing. An image may be imported onto the screen to mark up by tapping the left side icon showing an arrow. 
  1. Annotation mode allows the desktop display to be marked up. 
  1. Mouse mode returns the curser function from drawing back to mouse.

Consult the Epson Easy Interactive tools support document for further instructions.

Recording in WebEx or Teams

Everything you write on the Epson projector will now be able to be recorded in WebEx or Teams.

  1. In Teams select Share and Desktop (Screen #1).
  1. Start recording in Teams or WebEx.