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Aligning with RRC Polytech’s Strategic Plan, Academic and Research Plan, CBR Program Design Guidelines, and the Universal Design for Learning, the Communication Skills Framework is fostering a common and consistent approach to the teaching and learning of communication at the College with the aim of helping students become confident and effective communicators.

Communication Skills Framework

Communication is a complex process. The objective of this project is to give students the opportunity to develop their human skills over four levels of 45-hour/3-credit courses:

  • COMM-1173: Communication Strategies, an introduction to communication skills, and the pre-requisite to all other courses;
    • Sector-level Communication, an introduction to industry-specific communication skills;
      • Program-level Communication, a more in-depth look at program-specific communication needs; and
    • COMM-2172: Communication for the Workplace, a look at workplace-specific communication skills, from getting the job to keeping the job.

In addition, we also offer the 90-hour/6-credit COMM-1172 Communication Strategies+ for programs with students who require additional support and time with the material.

Please contact the project team for information about which sector- and program-level courses currently exist or are in development.

Course-based Registration Processes

The MSC Dept is the 8th guideline on the CBR Program Design Guidelines. We look forward to collaborating with you!


If you’d like to know more about the project, including inquiring about developing new sector- and program-level courses as your program area goes through the CBR process, please contact us today.