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The Communication Skills (C-Skills) and Thinking Mathematically projects at Red River College Polytechnic are working to answer industry’s call for employees with strong technical and human skills. 

“Human skills” is an emerging phrase that includes several coexisting skill sets that industry reports rate higher than or equal to technical skills. Human skills help students achieve their academic and career goals.

The Conference Board of Canada’s 2020 report titled “The Future is Social and Emotional: Evolving Skills Needs in the 21st Century”, explains that:

“More and more, employers require new hires who not only possess specialized knowledge and technical skills, but who can also communicate their knowledge, work effectively in teams, demonstrate leadership, think critically, and adapt to changing and ambiguous circumstances—no matter their field of work”

“The Future is Social and Emotional: Evolving Skills Needs in the 21st Century” – Page 4

The Royal Bank of Canada’s 2019 Humans Wanted Report rates active listening and speaking as the number one and two skills required by all industries, with critical thinking and problem-solving not far behind.

MIT’s 2020 Human Skills Matrix connects self-awareness with digital and financial literacy.

Yet there are challenges in taking on these skills.

“Employers often find that entry-level new hires lack these skills. This might be because these skills are tough to teach, measure, and even define, so post-secondary institutions tend to overlook them or hope students learn them indirectly”

The Conference Board of Canada (2020) – Page 3

Our projects aim to improve student’s human skills through math and communication courses.


If your program is beginning the CBR renewal process and you need more information, or if you have questions about our Communication Skills and Thinking Mathematically projects, contact us via the form below.

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